15th-16th March 2018 a L&D Initiative, an exhibition tent in the Clinic for two days using an open BARCAMP methodology to manage creative problem solving and continuum to collect L&D needs and Insights from employees


  • 35 people show up in the tent, 28 of them shared personal stories and wishes (1 people each 30 min. average to talk with)
  • Thanks to the stories shared 4 PERSONAS (the dreamer; the change agent; the satisfied; the shy) has been created to better design a future L&D strategies
  • 17 people requested to participate in the evaluation workshop
  • 1 team (clinical second opinion) coming to have fun together and play serious games organized
  • 1 supervisor (clinical logistic dep.) coming with 2 people of his team to solve a problem together using me as facilitator on the discussion
  • 3 people booked my agenda for specific personal and team development topics
  • 3 people requested to became SANOU facilitators

Activities in place/done:

  1. Welcome with a registration sheet – “All About You” – asking to provide personal information, passion activities and wishes. Scope: register the participants, collect personal contact, maps the self-abilities and wishes to create the personas.
  2. Booking the L&D Agenda to “tell a story” or “request help to solve a problem”
  3. Information to share with all (L&D info/brochure, …)
  4. Special activities provided depending on the manifested needs and proactivity of the person (How to became a SANOU facilitator/Buddy for new employer and Registration for SANOU ToT; How to join the “peer to peer learning campaign”)
  5. Team gaming (Experience the Trust, Cultural game, Test the team synchronization ability)


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